You may be wondering, why is The Agency so focused on telling your story? It is because storytelling is a centuries-old technique of communicating in a way that captures attention and conveys a message. Think about history and the big stories that have been passed down. The image of a tribe sitting around a fire telling a story, scribes writing the stories of the Bible, the New York Times Bestseller list of stories, and grandpa or grandma telling their childhood stories. Stories captivate and draw in an audience. That is the goal of digital marketing.

There are two stories to tell in your care management practice. The first is the big brand story. How did you come to this field? Your path and struggles to build a business. The personality of your business. What sets you apart? Who is your ideal client? How do we reach them?

The second story is a set of stories. How is your work benefiting your clients? What challenges are you helping to solve? Who did you involve to solve them? What are the quality services in your community?

Both of these types of stories are told in the same way. To engage the reader you need a story that follows the format of stories told over time.

  • Meet the main character, a hero
  • The hero goes out into the world
  • A villain knocks the hero down
  • Things get dark and challenging
  • The hero has the right qualities and tools to push against the villain
  • The hero overcomes the challenge and succeeds

At The Agency, we are telling both types of stories. Are you ready to tell your story? Let’s get your visitors engaged with who you are and what you do through storytelling!