Since the beginning of time, telling a story is how people have connected, understood each other, and communicated important information.

You have a story to tell and we know how to tell it!

Your story needs to be told! People who visit your website, like your social media, and see other messages you share need a clear view of what you do, why you do it, and how you are going to help them. In order to get that story across you have to use certain language and techniques to connect with them and convince them to reach out to you. The Agency by JewelCode uses decades of experience helping you tell your story. Let’s work together to tell your story now!

How The Process Works

Step One: The Free Consultation

In our first call, we discuss the history of your business, current marketing methods you are utilizing and the results they are bringing, your business goals for the future, and desired outcomes from improving your marketing methods.

Step Two: Review of Branding & Marketing Elements

After the initial consultation, the Agency Team will review all of the elements that currently exist for your practice. This includes branding elements such as the logo, colors, and theme. Also, the website, social media, blogs, and search engine optimization are reviewed. Any print collateral such as brochures, rack cards, or flyers is also reviewed. This information is put together with the information gathered during the consultation to create a set of recommendations and a proposal for services from The Agency.

Step Three: The Proposal

The proposal will outline the recommended plan for your practice. Your consultant will take into account the existing elements you have along with changes that may be needed, looking at how best your story can be told. Decades of marketing experience are the basis for the proposal. It will include current and future goals, the element review, recommendations, and the pricing for the service package recommended.

Our services include but are not limited to branding with logo and colors, web design & development, blogs, social media management, search engine optimization, Facebook and Google advertising, e-mail newsletters as well as creating print items such as brochures, rack cards, flyers, and business cards. In all of our services, The Agency Team writes all content in order to meet current methods of marketing and reduce your stress. You review and approve all content.

Step Four: Questions & Answers

When you review the proposal, you will most likely have questions. Let’s take time, together, to discuss and answer the questions that you have. After reviewing and getting the answers needed, you will indicate if you want to proceed or if now is not the right time to move forward.

Step Five: Agreement Signed and Work Starts

After you approve the proposal, we will send you an electronic agreement to review and sign. Once this agreement is returned to the Agency, work will begin. You will be provided with an outline of the work plan and we will schedule the first call to develop the story you are going to tell. Let’s start sharing your story right now!

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