Share Your Company’s Story & What Sets You Apart From Your Competitors

Your brand is your company’s story, sharing what sets you apart from your competitors and outlining why potential clients should Branding Care Managementselect your company. How you communicate that story, matters!

Whether you are a solo practitioner or running a multi-employee practice, branding is an important aspect of your business. Your potential clients want to know what you will do for them. They want to know that choosing you will fit their specific needs. If you don’t have a brand story that connects with the potential client then they may go elsewhere.

You need an expert partner who understands what you do and how you help families. This knowledge and expertise create the story about what sets you apart. With The Agency by JewelCode your first meeting begins working out your brand story. It is developed throughout your entire project.

Here are some examples of branding stories we have developed with clients:

  • All of the professional care managers in the practice are Registered Nurses.
  • We assign a social worker and a nurse to each client.
  • A care manager handles guardianships and care management.
  • Over 25 years in practice brings extensive experience to your work.

One of the key items in your branding is your company logo. If you already have a logo we can start from there to understand your story. If you are looking for a new logo, we begin a process of discussions with you that leads to design ideas for a logo to represent your brand. Here are some logos we’ve designed for your colleagues:

There is always something that sets you apart. Let’s develop that story and build your brand!