Your Story Brought to Life By a Professional Writer

Your blog is your key digital marketing piece. It is the driver behind the marketing triangle. The triangle consists of a well developed, you-centric based website, regular educational blogs that tell a story, and clearly managed social media.  A well written blog sets the tone of your digital Important to Have a Blogmarketing message. It also meets the requirement from Google and other search engines that your website has regularly updated content. Additionally, it feeds into your social media marketing and operates as a way to spread your message to new potential clients. Thus, your blog is a vital piece of your marketing plan and it tells a story that engages the reader and keeps them on your page. Here is an example blog link:

Coming Home for the Holidays to Find Things Have Changed

You will receive a unique blog written for you and approved by you, because your content should only be yours. Your writers work with you to write content that matches your personality and the topics which are important to you. Especially important is that your writers are former care managers and know what you do so you’re not wasting valuable time explaining the nuances of care management.

Check out some of the blog topics that we have written for our current clients:

  • Caregiving and Resilience: How Care Managers Set a Positive Tone
  • Care Options for LGBTQ Clients
  • When Slow Medicine and Fast Healthcare Collide: Helping Families Make Thoughtful Decisions
  • Defusing the Time Bombs of Family Secrets
  • Giving Up the Keys: When it’s Time to Stop Driving
  • Aging and Depression: Uncovering the Cause
  • When Prescription Meds are a Danger
  • Tiny Homes: An Alternative for Dementia Patients?
  • Making the Decision for Hospice
  • The Benefits of Music Therapy
  • Veteran’s Administration Care and Your Loved One
  • Medical Marijuana: Benefits for People with Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Warning Signs of Alcohol or Prescription Drug Abuse in Seniors
  • Baby Dolls, Folding Laundry, and Other Soothing Tips
  • Practical and Affordable Home Modifications
  • How Does Pet Therapy Work and is it an Option for My Parent?


The Process

You are matched with a talented writer who fully understands care management and the work you do. The first step is a phone call with your writer where you work together to create a six-month editorial calendar of topics. Once that is created, your writer will discuss your first blog to understand your perspective and how you would approach the topic. Next, the writer creates a draft version and submits it to you for your feedback. Once your feedback is received, the writer finishes a final draft and submits it to you for final approval. Once your approval is received, the writer submits the blog to The Agency web staff and they post the blog on your website. If you use The Agency’s social media services then your social media coordinator promotes it on your social media accounts and if you use the social media advertising services then your coordinator also boosts the blog post via social media. This brings additional visitors to your social media, blog, and website, increasing the reach to more people who learn about the work you do.