Marketing Consulting

Assess Your Current Methods and Create The Plan to Tell Your Story

Create a marketing planAre you missing opportunities to connect with quality clients? Running a clinical based care management practice is a full-time job. Telling your story to grow your business is also a full-time job. It requires a trained skill set. We have been helping care managers learn how to market and manage their practices since 2001. When you work with The Agency by JewelCode, you are immediately accessing all of our successful years telling the stories of care managers. Agency staff participate in regular CEU-based training and certifications to maintain current standards. Marketing is changing at a rapid pace and we keep up with the changes so that we can deliver efficient and effective storytelling services.

Whether you need a marketing consultation to assess your current marketing methods and create a story plan of care for future marketing or you have never marketed and need to start with the basics, you can count on us to meet you where you are. Our guidance has helped hundreds of care managers improve their marketing to grow their businesses. We have worked with single owner practices who have used our methods to increase the size of their practices to the point of merging or selling their practices. We have also worked with larger practices to increase their digital marketing techniques to find more adult children and clients in their local area as well as across the country to increase business.

Are you busy? Let’s schedule an initial consultation to review your needs and create your plan.