When the world faces events that are out of our control, business owners must make decisions both about how they communicate and what their message should be. Media and political reports may affect how we view the decision to share our message. Engaged business owners know that nothing actually changes in a business message whether it is good times or difficult times other than adding information that helps their clients face the difficult time. This is simply an addition to the message.

Now is a good time to review your business message and how you are conveying it in a digital world. With our digital marketing clients, we are seeing an increase in traffic because people are at home. We have also noticed a direct change in the traffic coming from mobile devices; whereas, during the previous six months, most traffic came from desktop. This means traffic is most likely coming from client families looking for local resources in facing the needs of their aging loved ones.

Here are 3 key ways to review your message and make sure you are in the search results for these families.

  • Website – Make sure to add a page to your website discussing the virus situation in a direct and vulnerable method that will answer questions for both current and potential clients. Give tips and information about how they can manage the difficult time and address any changes in schedule, staffing, or other business services that will come from you. Let them know what services you are offering to coach them through this time.


  • Search engine optimization – Make sure you are listed high in the results that people searching for your specialized expertise will be using. In this case, make sure the name of the virus in its various formats is on your website, either on a new page, or in informative blogs. Use terms that will be indexed by the search engines to find you as an authority. Location is important as families are looking for someone near their loved one. Also important are to know that they many not know the terms Aging Life Care Manager® or geriatric care manager. Use terms like aging parents, aging in place, home care assistance, etc. in your content and in your search engine optimization.


  • Social Media – Share factual and informative posts, quotes, and information via your social media platforms. Don’t over post and make sure to provide regular optimistic outlooks. Facts, partnered with hope, will show that you are an exemplary resource. Make sure that your social media links to informative blogs on your website. If you boost a post, make sure that it is one that points back to your own website. Don’t pay for advertising for someone else’s content!


Make it easy for people to reach out to you to get more information through well placed contact forms on your website and in your social media. Connect these forms to email solutions that will allow you to send out directed newsletters and emails with information to help them get important information from you and to see you as an expert in the conversation.

It’s never too late to start managing your message. If you need help with any of the above items, please reach out to me, directly, at Lisa@jewelcodeagency.com. We will do a complimentary audit of your digital storytelling (website, search engine optimization, blogs, and social media) between now and May 29th so you can see the places where your digital message could be more powerful.