When the World Wide Web (WWW) first started and businesses began making web pages, it was common to stuff the pages full of information. Websites were busy with content and advertising and businesses wanted to make sure that the visitor knew every possible fact about their business. If you want to remember those days take a look at Ling’s Cars, a modern site that still operates with old school techniques. This site gets millions of visitors each year as it is put out there for what not to do for most websites. While they find success with the method, your site needs to appeal to your visitors and make them want to connect with you.

This topic is important and studies have been done to determine if the white space, both as margins, and as space between letters improves online retention. One study funded by Microsoft Corporation and done by a team at the Software Usability Research Laboratory (SURL) at Wichita State University, shows that reading speed is faster with fewer margins and leading space around letters but comprehension is best with margins and space around the letters. If you want to review the study yourself, you can find it at Reading Online Text: A Comparison of Four White Space Layouts.

What does this mean? Just one part of your website’s success is the design and layout. The team at The Agency by JewelCode is trained and certified in design techniques. We know how to get the right effects of white space usage in your design so that your content is easy to comprehend and connect with the visitor. If you would like a white space/design review, please reach out to me at Lisa@JewelCodeAgency.com.