The Agency by JewelCode is a division of JewelCode Corporation. In 2001, when Lisa Moody was starting JewelCode, she used her marketing, graphic design, and web development skills to build websites and do print design for local Seattle businesses as a means to raise capital to grow the software company for geriatric care managers.

Tell Your Story with JewelCodeThroughout her years operating the software company, she would offer her marketing and design skills to software clients who were ready to grow their businesses. Word spread to others that JewelCode was providing these additional services and demand grew to the point that it was time to develop a new department to help care managers tell their story through digital and print storytelling services.

So, here we are today, sharing our services on a full scale. When you need help telling your story, you know that you have a partner who understands exactly what you do. Who better can tell your story?

Lisa Moody – Chief Storyteller

I have a long history of using my creative skills. I have an ability to visualize a solution as the client is talking to me. I can see the end product and I take that vision and work backwards to create the steps needed to bring it to life. My focus has been specializing in creating stories with eye-catching designs. I zero in on the aspects that set you apart from your competitors and find unique ways to create imagery and content that emphasize your specialties. Every Agency project includes my input in several aspects.

I am a certified graphic designer with expertise in utilizing Adobe’s creative products, color theory, design skills, and how to weave a story. I bring my experience starting and operating JewelCode since 2001 where I have learned every aspect of care management and how to draw out the story you have. I have worked at Mayo Clinic as a technology educator and IT support specialist, including teaching visiting fellows with limited English, how to use software. My favorite, and most challenging, student was Julia, a physician from China, who spoke only a few words of English. The teaching was done via drawings on paper and Julia often retook my classes and studied with me outside of class. I also worked at IBM, creating graphic presentations for executives. Additionally, I do well with interior design and creative cooking. When not working, you will find me cooking for my family, often in the style of “Chopped.” I also enjoy cooking for an organization who serves homeless women and children, who are working towards their own housing. My time with these ladies fills my heart to overflowing!

Katie Zentner – Story Strategist

Katie Zentner Story Strategist The Agency by JewelCodeThe last year of my life I’ve been exploring who I am and what I can do to make this world a better place. This process helped me discover a creative side to my science brain, and the result is a unique approach to problems, projects, and life itself coupled with a desire to connect with and help others. All of this led me to The Agency by JewelCode, where my role is equal parts analytical and creative. I work with clients to develop their story and share it with the world in a unique and effective way. 

I’ve been trained in every department of The Agency so that I can approach each client and their needs holistically. I recently completed creating the software process system that we will use for each project. This means that even though your project is unique, you can be assured that we are not missing a step. My favorite part of the job is attending client meetings, where my goal is to pull out the story that needs to be told in the form of keywords, anecdotes, and references. I use the insights from the client discussions to create solutions for them. I then work on client projects to bring their story to life. 

Marlene Kurban, MS, MBA – Story Writer

Marlene Kurban JewelCode Story WriterI’ve been writing short stories since I was a kid. My career path in behavioral health and human services always involved some form of writing – whether it was writing grants, brochures, articles, white papers, or website content. As the former director of a private-pay care management agency, I worked alongside nurses and social workers and learned much about the system of elder care, as well as all facets of running a care management business. I became familiar with JewelCode at this time and was so impressed with the CareComplete software, we ordered it for all of our care managers to use.

Today I write full-time and love working with care managers on their blogs. Everyone has a story to tell, and I help care managers tell theirs – complete with the joys and the challenges they encounter every day with their clients and families. With first-hand knowledge of the care management field, I have the utmost respect for the hard work care managers do and the difference they make in their clients’ quality of life.